Green Synthesis of Nano Ag/Cu Hybrid Particles for Repelling Water from Cotton Fabric


  • Ali Akbar Zolriasatein Department of Textile Engineering, College of Technical and Engineering, Yadegar-e-Imam Khomeini (RAH) Shahre-rey Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
  • Mohsen Hosseinkhan
  • Shabnam Karimnejad



Green synthesis, Ag/Cu hybrid nano particles, water repellency, wicking test, drop test, physical properties


Nano Cu and Ag have a lot of applications in various industries. From different methods of nano particle synthesis, reduction of metallic salts in presence of ascorbic acid as stabilizer can lead to fabrication of nano particle with specific dimensions. In addition, because of using environmentally friendly and nontoxic substances their green synthesis are very noteworthy. In this study, nano Cu/Ag hybrid simultaneously was synthesized through reduction of Ag and Cu salts in presence of natural reducing agent like maltose. The effect of different concentrations of salts together with reducing agent and stabilizer on dimension of nano particles were also investigated. Theses nano particles were applied on cotton fabric and then water repellency and physical properties of nano treated fabric were analyzed. Statistical data showed a significant difference between samples which were synthesized with different salt, stabilizer and reducing agents. Moreover, some spectroscopy tests like FT-IR, XRD, EDX and SEM were conducted to analyze the results.


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Zolriasatein, A. A., Hosseinkhan, . M. ., & Karimnejad, S. (2022). Green Synthesis of Nano Ag/Cu Hybrid Particles for Repelling Water from Cotton Fabric. JOURNAL OF ADVANCED APPLIED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, 4(2).