Intelligent Medicine Kit for Healthcare Monitoring, An IOT Based Solution


  • Shailja Gupta
  • Sameer Gupta



Healthcare, Internet of Things, Medicine, Health Monitoring System, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Health Cloud, Medicine Kit, Four Tier Notification System (FTNS).


Increase in chronic diseases worldwide demands efficient healthcare solutions for maintaining well-being
of people. Treatment requires timely in-take of medicines and strict adherence to routine. This lack of adherence
is estimated to cause many deaths and hospitalizations. If we can get people to take their medications regularly,
they won’t develop complications. In addition to improving patient outcomes, medication adherence will reduce
health care costs associated with these conditions. Healthcare monitoring solutions based on Internet of Things
(IoT) technology has drawn significant research attention. This paper proposes an IoT based user configurable
customized intelligent medicine kit augmented with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy technologies. It has
capability to detect whether patient is taking all prescribed medicines on fix schedule and intelligently
communicates the same to patient and their close relatives using uniquely created Four Tier Notification System
(FTNS), thus helping patient to live a healthy life. The paper discusses a novel theme on the functioning of a
medical grade device which would consume information from sensor and send it to the central server with a
maximum possibility of success using Four Tier Notification System (FTNS). This novel approach discusses
handshaking of connection to the central serve with a fallback mechanism to achieve maximum success of data
synchronization. This paper also discusses how this useful data from medicine kit can help healthcare sector to
closely track patient's physical activities and helps to influence the way healthcare sector operates in future.


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Shailja Gupta, & Sameer Gupta. (2022). Intelligent Medicine Kit for Healthcare Monitoring, An IOT Based Solution. JOURNAL OF ADVANCED APPLIED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, 4(1).