Liver Lesions Classification System using CNN with Improved Accuracy


  • Swapnil V.Vanmore
  • Sangeeta R.Chougule



Computer-Aided-Diagnosis(CAD); Relu (Rectified linear unit); Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine(DICOM);Computed Tomography(CT);Convolution Neural Network(CNN).


In this paper, the liver lesions classification system for CT images use deep learning (CNN)model with
improved accuracy has proposed. The sequential model of CNN architecture with I/P convolution layer, Hidden

convolution layer, and O/P convolution layer for CT images have been used to classify liver lesions. TensorFlow-
2.0 is used to make an image with varying image qualities.The proposed network is used for CT images with an

image size of 65×65, 60×60, 50×50 for which liver lesions classification accuracy of 99%,97%,95% respectively
are achieved. The regularization technique used in proposed N/W has helped to improve the accuracy and
minimization over fitting problem. The classification accuracy improvement has justified by comparing the
proposed research work with other researcher's work.




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Swapnil V.Vanmore, & Sangeeta R.Chougule. (2022). Liver Lesions Classification System using CNN with Improved Accuracy. JOURNAL OF ADVANCED APPLIED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, 4(1).