Challenges and Approaches in Green Data Center


  • Sasi Kumar M
  • Sasi Kumar V
  • Samyukthaa L K
  • Gokul Karthik S
  • Vinothraja R



green information and communication technologies, environmental protection, data center power consumption, challenges in data centers, DCIM system.


Cloud computing is a fast evolving area of information and communication technologies (ICTs)that has
created new environmental issues. Cloud computing technologies have a widerange ofapplications due to their
scalability, dependability, and trustworthiness, as well as their abilityto deliver high performance at a low cost.
The cloud computing revolution is altering modern networking, offering both economic and technological
benefits as well as potential environmental benefits. These innovations have the potential to improve energy
efficiency while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions and e-waste. These traits have thepotential tomake
cloud computing more environmentally friendly. Green cloud computing is the science and practise of properly
designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of computers, servers,and associated subsystems like displays,
printers, storage devices, and networking and communication systems while minimising or eliminating
environmental impact. The most significant reason for a data centre review is to understand capacity,
dependability, durability,algorithmic efficiency, resource allocation, virtualization, power management, and
other elements. The green cloud design aims to reduce data centre power consumption. The main advantage
of green cloud computing architecture is that it ensures real-time performance whilereducing IDC’s energy
consumption (internet data center).This paper analyzed the difficultiesfaced by data centers such as capacity
planning and management, up-time and performance maintenance, energy efficiency and cost cutting, real
time monitoring and reporting. The solution for the identified problems with DCIM system is also presented
in this paper. Finally, it discusses the market report’s coverage of green data centres, green computing
principles, andfuture research challenges. This comprehensive green cloud analysis study will assist native
green research fellows in learning about green cloud concerns and understanding future research challenges
in the field.


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Sasi Kumar M, Sasi Kumar V, Samyukthaa L K, Gokul Karthik S, & Vinothraja R. (2022). Challenges and Approaches in Green Data Center. JOURNAL OF ADVANCED APPLIED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, 4(1).