Theoretical estimate of the probability for macromole formation

Pramod Kumar Mishra


We estimate the polymerization probability of a macromolecule, where the macromolecule is made of distinct monomers; and there are different values of the fugacity for the addition of the monomers in the chain to form an infinitely long linear macromolecule of distinct monomers. The lattice model of the random walk has been used to mimic the conformations of an ideal chain in two and three dimensions, and this ideal chain is the macromolecules of distinct monomers. It has been shown through analytical estimates that the flexible macromolecules may be easily formed than the stiff macromolecules for both two and three dimensional cases. In the case of stiff chain, the ratio of the critical value of monomer fugacity is nothing but the log-log ratio of the Boltzmann’s weight corresponding to the monomers affinity corresponding to its conjugate monomer pair; and it is due to a fact that the stiff chain has small value of the entropy.  


Macromolecule, Theoretical estimate, Polymerisation, Gaussian chain, Analytical method

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