Magnesium and zinc diffused growth and characterization of strontium L(+) tartrate pentahydrate crystals

Reema KB, Jagannatha N, Nagaraja KP, Delma D'Souza


Single crystals of intrinsic strontium L(+) tartrate (IST), Mg2+ doped strontium L(+) tartrate (MDST) and Zn2+ doped strontium L(+) tartrate (ZDST) are grown using gel diffusion reaction method. Optimum condition for crystal growth is established by varying gel density, gel pH, concentration and matrix of supernatant solutions. EDAX analysis is made to measure stoichiometric composition and cationic distribution of the grown crystals. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) and Laser Raman spectral studies unveil various functional groups in the grown crystals. Thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA) reveal decomposition behavior of the crystals for the temperature range of 30-1000oC. IST, MDST and ZDST crystals        inborn with chemical formulae SrC4H4O6.5H2O, Sr0.9987Mg0.0013C4H4O6.5H2O and Sr0.9929Zn0.0071C4H4O6.5H2O respectively.


doped strontium tartrate, DSC, FTIR, gel technique, intrinsic strontium tartrate, Raman, TGA

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