A Study on the Characterization and Utilization of the Banana Peel, Shells of Egg and Prawn for the production of Bioplastics

Divya S, Rachel Regi Daniel


Growing level of pollution from the industrial waste or any other form of waste in the environment caused the hazardous effect on the mother planet earth. Plastic pollution played an important role in causing the hazardous effect in both terrestrial and aquatic environment. The entire ecosystem were affected by the pollution. As plastics were non-biodegradable, unsustainable, eco-toxic, increases global warming, leads to biotic and abiotic depletion and reduces the soil fertility. This study were aimed to determine the alternatives for the usage of plastics. As bioplastics were substituted the usage of conventional plastic because they were biodegradable, more sustainable, non-toxic, eco-friendly, no harm to biotic and abiotic factors, increases the soil fertility. These biodegradable plastics were made from the waste materials, such as fruit peels, shells of prawn and egg which acts as a raw material for the production of bioplastic.


Plastic pollution, Environment, Bioplastic, Fruit peels, Shells of Prawn and Egg

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